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Fernanda Trías (UY)

Portrait of the writer Fernanda Trías
Foto: Fernanda Montoro

Fernanda Trías is a Uruguayan author, who is known as a translator and educator in creative writing in Columbia. Two of her novels have been translated into Danish, including the prize-winning Pink Slime that portraits a woman whose city is ravaged by a mystic plague. Through the book's poetic language, the reader becomes aware that it is not fear of the plague or death that threatens the woman, but rather loneliness and the uncertainties of the world. 

Fernanda Trías’ work often deals with topics such as loneliness and distinctions between the collapse of humanity and the world. In her novel The Rooftop, the reader meets Clara, who has isolated herself in her apartment with her father, daughter, and a canary bird in a world that is constantly uncertain. Her rooftop terrace becomes a last refuge where she seeks freedom, but it also becomes a place that confronts her with difficult questions about the complexity of life itself.

Trías has won several literary awards for her writing.

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