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On this website you can buy tickets for LiteratureXchange 2024. The star ticket is sold out but you can still buy one-day star tickets as well as tickets for the individual events.


Buy a one-day star ticket or a ticket for each individual event.


It is be possible to purchase a one-day star ticket as well as tickets for individual events for LiteratureXchange


One-day star ticket: 150 DKK

One-day star+ ticket: 200 DKK (with the option to bring a companion)

One-day star ticket youth: 120 DKK

One-day star+ ticket youth: 150 DKK (with the option to bring a companion)


Tickets for individual events:

Find the desired event here and click on the 'Billetter' button to purchase a ticket for the specific event.


Stay up to date about which authors you can experience at the festival here.


SOLD OUT Attend the literature festival with a star ticket

With a star ticket, you will get access to all events marked as star events, which, among other things, consist of author talks, lectures, book recommendations, and much more. With a star+ ticket, you can bring a friend, a partner, or a neighbor along for free. Buy your star ticket here.

Remember to make reservations for seating for the individual event to secure your seat. The star tickets are shown at the door before the event together with the seat reservation ticket. You can order seat reservation tickets when the program is made public on the website, come spring.

The star ticket for LiteratureXchange 2024 is valid for all star events until 23 June 2024. This also applies for the events during spring 2024.

Star ticket: 400 kr.

Star+ ticket: 700 kr.

Star ticket young: 200 kr.

Star+ ticket young: 350 kr.

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