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Mithu Sanyal (DE-IN)

Portrait of the author Mithu Sanyal
Foto: Guido Schiefer.

Mithu Sanyal is a German-Indian author and journalist who has written for several newspapers and magazines on subjects such as feminism, racism, identity politics, etc. In 2021 her first novel Identitti was published. 

Identitti is about the popular professor in postcolonial studies, Saraswati, who pretends to be Indian, but it turns out that she is of German descent. The story is told from the perspective of one of Saraswati's students, Nivedita, and the discovery of Saraswati causes a media storm that exposes the power of social media in the debate on identity politics and puts to question how we define our own identity and its boundaries. 

Sanyal was nominated for the Deutscher Buchpreis and was awarded the Ernst-Bloch-prize for Identitti.

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